Clinical Engineering Department Difficulties

The scope of clinical engineering department (CED) work encompass many activities such as pre-purchase equipment evaluation, incident investigation, equipment management, productivity, cost effectiveness, information technology integration, and environmental and patient safety activities.


CED in Middle East countries -probably most of third part countries- encounter several difficulties and challenges to manage with their duties and responsibilities within healthcare institutions and serve as efficient and effective technical department to deliver a safe environment for patients.


Starting from the department titles, CED have different names, roles and responsibilities according to their locations and authorities they are belong to. Their activities vary from one institute to another. In addition to their reporting mechanism within the organization and their departmental structures. Difficulties and challenges involve many factors and elements that influence CED identity.


The survey will identifies the CED difficulties and challenges within healthcare institute in the Middle East countries as per survey collections and assistance of many connections that I have in the field in many and different locations. The output will be announced and will be very beneficial to everyone in the field. It part of benchmarking procedure I would love to know and spread among my colleagues and friends.


I would be grateful if you could assist me in collecting these information and this is an invitation to everybody especially for those who work in managing clinical engineering department. Please start the survey by clicking the link at Clinical Engineering Department Difficulties 

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